Congressman Nolan Reaches out to DHS on behalf of Victims of Fraud. No Answer from DHS

Congressman Nolan of Minnesota has reached out to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 1/2 a year ago, to request information regarding victims of Fraud and what protections are afforded them once they have informed DHS of the crime. 6 months later, the Department of Homeland Security has yet to respond.

This is due to DHS' lack of "policy" to protect informants & witnesses from retaliation/tampering once they have "seen something" and "said something." 

Virtually all victims of immigration fraud have informed DHS and it's sub-components and agencies of the fraud committed against them, only to have the accused alien engage in retaliation/tampering against them. The Congressional Oversight Research committee clarifies that witness tampering/retaliation and obstruction laws apply to administrative proceedings, yet DHS continues to turn a blind eye to this criminal conduct and approves the alien's benefit application instead of prosecuting.

DHS has claimed they have "no policy" to protect informants/witnesses from such retaliation/intimidation, when victims have begged and pleaded for help. It is clear they have "no policy" to deny an immigrant a benefit either, when there is clear and convincing evidence of retaliation, tampering and/or obstruction of justice.

These policies must be changed to protect the American people and the integrity of immigration proceedings. 


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