Local County Attorney Turns on Victim of Immigration Marriage Fraud

ICVA VictimJA1 contacted Isanti County Attorney Jeffrey Edblad with a desperate plea for help. Edblad, appeared helpful, but soon VictimJA1 realized Edblad had a whole different agenda. 

VictimJA1 was forced into a custody battle when her ex-husband's conditional residency was revoked for terminating the marriage prior to the 2nd year anniversary and her ex-husband wanted to retaliate against her by taking away her custodial parental rights. Her ex-husband threatened for months to "go after custody" of their daughter if VictimJA1 didn't lie to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in support of his benefit application. When VictimJA1 refused to recant her testimony, her ex-husband filed a frivolous and malicious lawsuit seeking to strip her of all custody.

VictimJA1, was aware that USCIS had opened a proceeding against her ex-husband after VictimJA1 informed them of her divorce and requested to withdraw her I-864 affidavit of support. VictimJA1 believed she would be protected under Federal Witness Tampering & Retaliation laws. VictimJA1 could not have been more wrong!

The Department of Homeland Security refused to take ANY steps to protect VictimJA1 or the testimony she submitted to USCIS, and instead referred her to local law enforcement. VictimJA1 turned to the Isanti County Attorney Jeffrey Edblad for help. 

Attorney Edblad's response to VictimJA1's inquiry seemed helpful at first, suggesting she contact various law enforcement and the MN Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility:

But then, just a week later, the attorney representing VictimJA1's ex-husband, submitted a supplemental affidavit exposing Attorney Edblad's egregious breach of VictimJA1's trust. The attorney states that Attorney Edblad approached her, and informed her of VictimJA1's allegations against the attorney and her client, and also included a complete copy of all of the email conversations VictimJA1 and Edblad had together:


The attorney for VictimJA1's ex-husband also included a copy of her own transaction report, outlining the interactions she had with Isanti County Attorney Edblad, including phone calls "regarding [VictimJA1]": 


Victims of one-sided marriage fraud have been left to fend for themselves due to the Department of Homeland Securities failure to enforce marriage fraud laws, and this alone is alarming. However, having the local county attorney turn their back on the victims and go even further to help those who have voraciously attacked them for "seeing something" and "saying something," is unbelievable. 

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  • Bill Ronan

    This legal outrage is incredibly common. Can the authorities be that stupid? Are they complicit?

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