About Us

ICVA began as a grassroots organization and has steadily grown into much more! We are comprised of victims, witnesses & informants of immigration-related crimes and function 100% through volunteerism. (We do not take in more than $20,000 annually, and therefore are not required to register as a charity under MN State Laws where we are incorporated).

We have a passion for creating Immigration Policy changes through Organized Litigation and other Individual Activism and Advocacy as well as our main focus which is on Educating individuals, the public as well as policy makers. 

ICVA aims to serve every individual affected by immigration-related crimes and injustices, whether those immigration-related crimes and injustices stem from private individuals, policies, unjust laws or government officials. 

Immigration Crime Victims come in every shape and form and ICVA has already joined forces with our member victims who have come from all walks of life: Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Mormon, Black, White, LGBTQ, Hispanics, Asians, U.S. Citizens, Immigrants, etc. ICVA understands that our fight against corruption and injustices lies with the system itself and not with any one individual or group. 


  • ICVA does not engage in the demonization of any one race, religion or ethic group, as ANY INDIVIDUAL has the potential to become a victim of an immigration-related crime or injustice.
  • ICVA does, however, place blame on the Federal Government and policy-makers, who have abused their discretionary powers and final authority over whether Immigration Crime Victims are afforded any means to obtain justice.
Disclaimer: We are not attorneys. We do not provide legal advice. Any information on this page is not legal advice.All information provided on this site is for educational purposes only. In no way does anyone on this site offer you legal advice, and in no way does any of our site content or activity create an attorney-client or fiduciary relationship. You are not to rely upon any content or activity in any way, but instead sit down with counsel and share all relevant facts before receiving fully-informed legal advice. If you want to be completely sure of your rights, you must sit down with an experienced attorney to be fully aware of your rights. 
GOVERNMENT ACTION:This website is 100% aimed at petitioning the government, both state and federal, to change policies and procedures. NOTHING on this website is intended to injure or incite injury to any reputation of any individual or business. Some names will be included in documents, articles and commentaries. Names are listed only to give a full understanding the of situation at hand, and incite others to join our cause to petition the government for redress of grievance. Should you or anyone you know be offended by any of the comments on the website, we invite you to contact us and tell us your story so that we may supply a fair and balanced presentation of all relevant information. We always maintain that we want to publish only truthful and factual information, however, opinions are also provided and should be taken as just that, opinions. If you are able to provide us with further facts on a story or situation we want to hear from you so we can have the most up-to-date information available. 
PLEASE CONTACT YOUR GOVERNMENT! Please as you read through each and every article and/or comment, contact your government officials and demand they make changes to policies to protect victims of Immigration-Related Crimes & Injustices.