Advocacy Services

$ 250.00

Have you been impacted by an immigration crime and don't know where to start? 

An Advocate may be able to help you:

  • Open your eyes to additional solutions and resources with a proven record of effectiveness
  • Help you organize and prepare a Plan of Action based on your needs and goals
  • Provide essential information
  • Provide emotional support as you navigate through the immigration and other legal systems
  • Help find resources specific to your situation and needs
  • Help you fill out paperwork
  • Act as informational resource to your attorney in other court proceedings affected by the immigration crime (civil, family, immigration, administrative, criminal, etc.)
  • Help you navigate further resources at the Federal and State level as the immigration crime affects other areas of your life
  • Participate in conference calls and video chats with other agencies, departments and individuals when necessary
  • Make phone calls and status inquiries on your behalf when allowed by law
  • Provide you with a confidential sounding board
  • Partner you with an advocate who has walked in your shoes and acquired the insight and judgment to mentor and guide you
  • Put your actions steps on fast track to move you toward your goals of healing and empowerment
  • Recommend other holistic healing resources for mental and emotional clarity during the process
  • Work with other providers and resources to ensure your needs are met
  • Treating you with dignity, compassion and respect
  • Have no other agenda other than your success
  • File complaints when the advocate feels violations of immigration law have occurred
  • Contact agencies and federal or state officials as a concerned citizen when abuses have been uncovered by the advocate

Other Advocacy Services available through our In-Person Advocacy Service found here:

  • Attend court proceedings and administrative proceedings when necessary
  • Accompany you to INFOPASS appointments, and DHS, ICE, FBI or local law enforcement, Senate and Congressional (and other) visits when necessary
  • Testify in court proceedings when necessary to discuss the impact of the immigration crime and how it relates to individual well-being

*Pricing for this service is a retainer based fee. The initial assessment of your possible needs is FREE, upon purchase of advocacy services. Once an assessment has been completed by an ICVA advocate, the ICVA will discuss possible ways of moving forward with you through services or advocacy. Discussions and subsequent services/advocacy are charged at a $30.00/hr fee, charged hourly and rounded up. You will be required to approve each service before the advocate gets started to ensure your wishes for moving forward are always clear, and you remain in control. You will be required to sign a retainer agreement prior to the advocate making any initial assessment. 

*Victim Advocates are not licensed attorneys, do not practice law in any way shape or form, do not offer legal advice and do not tell victim's what to do. Victim Advocates provide education and information, from which the victim may make his or her own choices in conjunction with the suggested guidance and advice from his/her own licensed attorney of choice.