Attorney Liaison & Support Consulting

$ 2,500.00

Working with an attorney regarding immigration issues can be very difficult and confusing for both you and your attorney. ICVA has yet to find an immigration attorney within the United States (other than the Immigration Reform Law Institute) who is willing to provide legal advice or represent a U.S. Citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident against immigration fraud and other immigration crimes. 

This results in the necessity of most immigration crime victims to obtain attorneys in other genres of law, such as contracts, business, family law, divorce, custody, whistle blower, 1983 claims, Administrative Law, Privacy Law & FOIA, False Claims Act, Discrimination, Constitutional Law & more! 

ICVA offers consulting services in effort to bridge the immigration attorney gap. Although ICVA is not a law firm, and does not have attorney staff members, an ICVA member advocate will work one-on-one with your attorney to ensure your attorney has a full grasp of the immigration situation at hand and understand how your interests in immigration law connect with your interests in other genres of law. An ICVA advocate member will be available to your attorney to answer all of your attorney's questions and provide documentation and education on immigration issues as well as proactively provide a summary of potential legal recourse, based on any information you provide to ICVA, for your attorney to consider. An ICVA member advocate will strive to bridge the gap between the Federal Government immigration agencies and your external case or legal issues with your non-immigration attorney.  

The cost of Attorney Liaison & Support consulting includes an initial assessment and ICVA review, as well as continued contact with your attorney for follow-up questions, until the completion of your case, and existence of ICVA. Your attorney may contact ICVA through email, phone, text or messenger.

ICVA will not provide you with personal consulting services. This service is to provide your attorney with consulting services, which you are paying for. If your attorney rejects the service after you have already paid for a service and have not yet used it, we will refund you the cost for that service. 

*Victim Advocates are not licensed attorneys, do not practice law in any way shape or form, do not offer legal advice and do not tell victim's what to do. Victim Advocates provide education and information, from which the victim may make his or her own choices along with the suggested guidance and advice from his/her own attorney.