Expert Researcher & Information Consultant

$ 75.00

Many people need critical information related to immigration issues, but don't know where to find it. Most people don't have the time or ability to wade through a million Web pages searching for hard-to-find information. That's where an ICVA Member Advocate comes in!

ICVA Member Advocates are talented researchers capable of tracking down certain information online or in libraries, database, government archives or locate experts over the phone, in order to ultimately transfer that essential information back to you. This service is an interactive process in which ICVA Member Advocates are full partners with you, to ensure the Member Advocate is researching the right information for you.

This service includes: 

  • 1-Hour of Research based on the general or specific topic of your choice
  • Outline of final results, which may include links to websites, references to external sources, and specific detailed location within written documents for easy review. 
  • Suggestions for further research

ICVA Member Advocates are incapable of interpreting the results for you or suggesting how you may apply those results to your case.

For example: If you request research on cases involving immigration fraud and the I-864 contract, an ICVA Member Advocate will search through all relevant databases to uncover all cases that may be applicable to your desired topic of research, including court documents. The results may uncover a group of court cases, held before an Immigration EOIR Court, which discuss the legalities of the I-864 contract and immigration fraud.

The ICVA Member Advocate will not, and cannot, interpret those results for you, by suggesting how the information may align with your own arguments. It is completely up to you to decide how to utilize (if at all) the results of the research performed. The results may or may not be relevant, and before taking any future actions, we always suggest your obtain advice from a licensed attorney of your choice. 

The results of the research performed should never be construed as arguments made by ICVA or the Member Advocate. All research results are considered neutral and may contain information which both supports or disproves whatever stance you are making (if any).

*ICVA cannot guarantee the results of the research performed. However, ICVA Member Advocates will utilize the full hour purchased to scour the internet and other sources as necessary, to ensure they have performed the most extensive search possible. 

*Victim Advocates are not licensed attorneys, do not practice law in any way shape or form, do not offer legal advice and do not tell victim's what to do. Victim Advocates provide education and information, from which the victim may make his or her own choices in conjunction with the suggested guidance and advice from his/her own licensed attorney of choice.