Complaint Submission - Single Topic W/Suggested Donation

$ 100.00

We request a suggested donation for the ICVA Member Advocate working on each complaint. (This is not a service and is not for sale, but we do ask that you provide a suggested donation to help support the ICVA's expenses. Often times many hours, days or weeks are spent putting these complaints together, and our ICVA Member Advocates are 100% volunteers, taking no salary other than what is recovered through other services/products purchasing. Your donation goes directly to the Member Advocate).

ICVA will file a written letter to the organization or agency of your choosing, based upon information you supply to ICVA, combined with our own individual opinions, outlining the wrongs we believe exist, what we have observed or the actions we believe the organization or agency should take. Our letter, serves as a letter of support or affidavit, which is written by the individual ICVA Member Advocate directly to the organization or agency of your choosing. The letter itself will address one particular topic of your choice.

Most government agencies allow for members of the public, or 3rd parties of interest to file complaints addressing issues unrelated to that individual, or to report fraud, waste and abuse or other crimes to law enforcement agencies and the Federal or State Government. Where a government agency or organization allows for members of the public to file a complaint, an ICVA member advocate may be able to submit a complaint on the topic of your choice. 

Our "complaint" is a written opinion, from an individual ICVA Member Advocate as 3rd party member of the public. The ICVA Member Advocate, does not represent you or ICVA at any time. The ICVA Member Advocate is not an attorney and ICVA is not a law firm. The Member ICVA Member Advocate cannot and will not provide you with legal advice. ICVA will not and cannot provide you with legal advice. The complaint submitted by an ICVA Member Advocate in his/her individual capacity, will outlines the areas of interest or concern, which the ICVA Member Advocate believes is essential for an agency or organization to review and/or take action upon.

As a courtesy, you will have an opportunity to review and approve the letter before the ICVA Member Advocate sends the letter to the designated agency or organization. ICVA wants to ensure that all information provided in the letter is accurate and satisfactory, and therefore it is essential that you are given an opportunity to review the material prior to submission.

NOTE: Although you will have an opportunity to review and approve the submission, if you are unsatisfied with the contents of the letter, we are still required to maintain our ethical standards. This means there may be information contained in the letter or omitted from the letter which you would like changed and which we are unable to make changes to, due to our extremely high ethical standards. If we are unable to come to a mutual agreement for the submission, we will withhold our submission completely if you request us to. However, you will still be responsible for paying for the service, whether you approve or not of the submission. You understand that this is an opinion letter, and therefore we cannot guarantee you will agree with the ICVA Member Advocate's opinion. However, should you not agree to the letter contents, as it is an opinion letter, we will withhold the letter from submission if you so choose. 

*You agree that any money sent to ICVA related to this ad, is a donation and not required. However, ICVA Member Advocates will place priority on those who do submit a suggested donation. If you wish to request an ICVA Member Advocate file a complaint without the suggested donation, simply contact ICVA with your request, and if the ICVA Member Advocate finds time to work on it, they will. All requested made here accompanied by the suggested donation will be worked on as soon as the request is made. 

*Disclaimer: By "complaint" we certainly do not mean a legal complaint or legal document, as we are not attorneys, do not represent you, cannot represent you and will not represent you. We are incapable of providing you with legal advice or offering you any legal services. We do not provide legal advice or services. By donating to this service, you understand that you are not purchasing a complaint written on behalf of you. The ICVA will never write any documents or letters on behalf of you. All letters or documents coming from the ICVA are written by ICVA Member Advocates, on behalf of ICVA Member Advocates themselves in their individual capacity.