One-on-one Tutoring on Your Topic of Choice

$ 50.00

Are you stuck on a particular topic offered by the ICVA Learning Center & Classroom? Are you having a difficult time understanding the material or how it can be applied to real-world examples? 

ICVA advocate members can help provide you with one-on-one tutoring! ICVA tutoring services are billed hourly and take place over the phone or through skype. The ICVA tutor will provide individual instruction on the topic(s) of your choice, as well as direct you to areas that contain the information you need. 

Once you have purchased the tutoring service, an ICVA advocate will contact you to schedule your tutoring appointment. Tutoring must take place in hour long increments. For example, if you purchase 1 hour, but only need 45 minutes, ICVA will round up your tutoring time, and block out an hour long session. Any unused portion of that session will not be reimbursed. However, if you purchase a 4 hour block and want to have a 1 hour weekly session, you may schedule a 1 hr block with an ICVA every week for 4 weeks. 

Any missed scheduled tutoring will not be re-scheduled unless approved for extraordinary circumstances, by the ICVA member advocate. If you need to change times before the session is held, we require a 48 hr notice, or the session will be forfeited.

*Victim Advocates are not licensed attorneys, do not practice law in any way shape or form, do not offer legal advice and do not tell victim's what to do. Victim Advocates provide education and information, from which the victim may make his or her own choices along with the suggested guidance and advice from his/her own attorney of choice.